1938 Toranosuke Kunimori went into private practice with the aim of manufacturing and repairing of Refrigeration Plant and Marine Main & Auxiliary Engines and incorporated the business KUNIMORI MANUFACTURING Co., Ltd.
1958 Involved in the business corporation with M.E.S. Co.,Ltd. on sales of ROTASCO Refrigeration Plant.
1965 Dissolution of the above business corporation with M.E.S. Co.,Ltd. due to various factors.
1966(Jan) Sousuke Kunimori went into private practive with the aim of the maintenance of Kunimori Type Refrigeration Plant onboard several hundred vessels.
1966(Oct) Incorporated KUNIMORI REINETSU KOGYO Co., Ltd. capitalized at ¥800,000-.
1967(Aug) Changed the corporate name to KUNIMORI MANUFACTURING Co., Ltd.
1968(Oct) Opened Osaka Office.
1969(May) Opened Parts Sales Department to expand the business in supplying various Spare Parts for ship’s use.
1971(Feb) Opened Tokyo Office.
1971(Oct) Increased the capital fund to ¥3,200,000-.
1974(Dec) Increased the capital fund to ¥8,000,000-.
1981(Dec) Increased the capital fund to ¥12,000,000-.
1986(Jul) Closed Osaka Office because of withdrawal and closure of shipbuilding yards in Osaka area.
1991(Apr) Changed the company name to Kunimori Engineering Works Co., Ltd.
1996(Jan) Opened Cebu Office, Philippines.(2006 Closed)
1996(Nov) Yoshiki Ishihara becomes President.
1997(Jan) Opened Manila Office, Philippines.
2006(Jan) Succeeded to all business of Sanko Ship Management Co.,Ltd., Kobe Office due to closure of the said Office.
2006(Jan) Moved Kobe Head Office to Kobe Senyohin Center in Port Island.
2006(Dec) Increased the capital fund to ¥20,000,000-
2006(Dec) Opened Singapore Office.
2008(Sept) Moved Manila Office to the present address.
2010(Oct) Upgraded Singapore Office to Branch Office.
2011(Jul) Moved Tokyo Office to the present address.
2012(Jul) Moved Head Office to the present address having larger warehouse facility.
2012(Nov) Began Chinese Business.
2013(Apr) Opened Shanghai Office.
2021(Aug) KUNIMORI(shanghai)Co. Ltd. established
2021(Nov) Toshiki Ishihara becomes President.